“The truth will set you free”

If that’s true, then we should all be free — but instead we are shackled by poisonous relations, hamster-wheel jobs, our own poor health. Thought itself. Existence.

A slight amended version of this quote might be more precise and timeless: the pursuit of truth will set you free.

The truth is/has been right in front of you all along, like an optical illusion. Once you let go of fear, constructed by everything you’ve experienced — questioning and adjusting the perspective you’ve accumulated since birth to the unknown– you set sail on a voyage of curiosity. This quest is the pursuit of truth. Rest assured, if you are reading and en route, you may very well encounter the truth…

But encountering the truth does not set you “free” — rather a drop of it will only spur your natural thirst to hold onto it. You will wake to find yourself as shackled as before your enlightenment, albeit with limitless dexterity of mind and a residue of substance that galaxy has never known.

Like an orphan pup you start by scampering around– once on the other side of the bridge of truth, there are no books to turn to, no guide, no authority — it’s all a whir. The Wild West: it’s false, it’s pure, everything is starting to look so real that real isn’t real anymore.

A new dictionary has to be written by your paws, and old knowledge is pre-truth. BC-Enlightenment. If you want to survive AD-Enlightenment, you’ll need to define each new term of your language of truth. Don’t forget that once its has been defined, you’ll have to tackle the thesaurus — honing your ability to express yourself less literally so it might resonate less intellectually.

Thus the pursuit never ends, and that is the freedom.

notes by KM to you

words were used in this transcription which is a slice of meditated time. please refrain from attaching to, dwelling on, and intellectually interpreting these thoughts. there is no answer or method or way–

August 12, 2019