min-jong min-jong, thanks for encouraging me to stop hitting the bong, in the presence of your smile, i could freestyle all night long.

kimchi kisses, i pull off your velvet top. it’s funny how you promise not to get pissed off when your salsa friends give me a lap dance. sometimes when i stare at your sun-kissed freckles, i get lost in a tantric trance.

sorry i told you to shut up on my motorbike, i only said it cause i started to like. you. C. and i’m tryna stay transparent with you like this island water teal.

i know deep down you gush at my territorial nature, even though you wish i said Se-oul with more soul. i guess that was my way of expressing a growl. remember i’m a wolf and have to protect my siberian musk deer with a low howl (it’s cute how the wind whistles through your little fangs — also please promise me you won’t cover up your black bear face with bangs).

i’m sorry that my hippo butt kept you from brushing your teeth, i’ll always cuddle you cause i’m lost without your heat, thank you for your warm glow and giving me lots of O’s

it’s an even exchange when i’m in your love, it’s cute how you only come when i’m above. i swear i fantasize about locking you down, because half-K babies with you sound nice — i even project singing opera with your mom on our wedding night.

but i need to hit singapore and this is for the best, i hope you find love in new york although i’ll still be better dressed. jim, jon, j j j. always remember though, there’s only one K. jk, i’m kidding, but actually not.

kk. kisses, infinite kisses, i’m your private masseuse. i’ll give you my special, in fact i’ll trade it for one smooch. thanks for switching time zones from am to pm. when my tone gets aggressive remember i’ll be gentle with you. and i won’t ever lie because i’ve learned not to stray from the truth.


You learn something new everyday, but stop using that phrase. It’s intent and overall message is valuable, but repeating it only gets you further away from its essence. Add nuance, imagination, improvisation.

Super Mario Bros

Life is like the game Super Mario Brother’s
Sometimes you encounter the odd mushroom,
Sometimes you have to fall down a green pipe to end up above the clouds,
Sometimes you have to defeat Bowser,
Sometimes you become Bowser
Sometime’s you’re a star,
Sometimes you’re invincible,
But always, the energy is moving.


With Gabriela, the world is orange
and not because it’s my favorite fruit
or because each kiss is filled with vitamin C
But because life becomes a crunchy-nutty papaya
And her coconut tan melts to touch
and what else to complement our chlorophyll high?


What is beauty after an eternal stare?
Or a blizzard without the frost?
Or summer without the sweat?
Or rain without the wet?
Or dreams with you?
Or love without her?
Or me without you?

Truth #1

the past leaves you fast but the present stays with you forever


Williams once wrote that love kills
but he simply had no idea
what the fuck
he was

For Mr. West from the East

I met this girl when I was 3 years old
And what I loved most she had so much snow
I said “Excuse me lil baby, I know you don’t know me
But, my name is Kritty and I like to drop heat”
And from that point I never blow her off
Squids come from outta town, I like to show her off
They like to act hard, she like to make ’em soft
And make ’em lace up their wack kicks, cause we know they golf
And when I grew up she showed me how to make them smile
In the nighttime her face lit up, so much style
I told her in my heart is where she’d always be
She never messed with male models cause they always leave
She said it felt like they walked and drove on me
Knew I got naked easily, got on TV and told on me
I guess that’s why last winter she got so sold on me
I’m coming home again
Do you think about me now and then?
Do you think about me now and then?
Cause I’m coming home again
Do you think about me now and then?
Do you think about me now and then?
Cause I’m coming home again
Maybe we can start again
But if I really cared for her
Then I wouldn’t have ever hit the airport to follow that green,
Sometimes I still walk with her, but when I walk with her
It always seems like she paving my dreams
She said, “You left your kids, and they just like you
They want to cop kicks, get steez, bag biddies like you
But they just not you” and I just got through
Talking ’bout what squids tryna do: un-improved
Now everybody got my name pronounced all wrong
I guess that’s why I’m here and I CARRY HER HOME
And guess where I heard that? When I was AT HOME
Every interview I’m representing you, making you proud
Putting food on people’s plate, you know i’m around
Didn’t want no fame, but destiny was found
If you don’t know by now, I’m talking NY SOUND

i guess we’re here for the ride. you’re in a yellow lambo? well I’m on a black ferris wheel.

various means of transportation — the real question here is which would you consider more romantic: riding on the back of my motorbike or riding bicycles together?

the reincarnation of Frida

like a ghost, you haunt my thoughts now and then. i feel you but you’re not here. every night is a seeking down concrete that i’ve seemed to  know my entire life. it’s weird to be back here without you.

i always told you, didn’t I, that at the end of the day, awards and accolades or nada, there’s nada i’d rather do than play chess with you on our fiefdom of an island. i had to come to thailand because it wasn’t the same without you, and now i’m about to be on another island, Ko Phangan, but who decides?

i guess i did—still gives me chills watching you walk away in my foggy nightmare. your mismatching bags. i re-live the moment when i kissed you and you told me that you’d always love me. shame enters. the lips that hid that orange smile.

i played a freestyle about you for this girl in new york. i called it “heart” in my voice memo’s. it left her in tears and she had to excuse herself from my living room to sob in the  bathroom. she thought that i couldn’t hear her. she asked me after if you and i could ever be together again. i said no, it doesn’t work like that. she said i should go to brazil. i relented.

i guess we won’t. i’m sorry i won’t text or call you. i’m stubborn. haven’t heard from you either — guess that makes both of us. i justify not contacting you though. you’re far, i’m far, and let’s be real, i’m a crevasse of snakes. beautiful tropical snakes, but it’s hard for your warmth to exist with cold-blood.

this other girl told me that i should maintain a journal so here i am, i also played her “heart” but she didn’t feel it as hard. so either she’s jealous or superficial.

did i say that i still love you? i’m a deflated soccer ball, but still rocking those Brazilian sandals. and your barcelona jersey.

you know we could have been here together? i told you to come thru last time, but you were too wise or too self-centered (for the first time). depends on how you want to psychoanalyze it.

btw, that kid Julien still pops into my dreams. but now it’s more of a neutral pain, a scab. psychoanalyze that and there’s one answer: you haven’t left me. and neither has he. love and jealousy walk hand in hand. but now, without holding my breath, i can say that i love him and i love you. because i love your love without any division.

my scab is now a beautiful scar.

Sleepy Talk

I was sleep talking and asked Niina how are you? She said good, and asked and you? I replied in love.